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About Tizer Sun

"Find the light and chase the sound / Get our feet running by the time they hit the ground," Tizer Sun proclaims in their catchy debut single, “Ghost on a Saturday Night”. An anthem to wanderlust and the sometimes lonely life of travelers, the song tells a story of arriving in paradise with mixed emotions. Tom Petty-influenced guitars and singalong vocals set the stage for the strong set of emotionally-charged songs to follow on their self-titled debut EP.

Formed in 2019 by vocalist Victoria Hale and multi-instrumentalist Paul Brantley, Tizer Sun is an American pop rock band with strong country and classic rock influences. After spending time in various bands in Helena, Montana, and Portland, Oregon (their respective hometowns), the duo wanted to write an album of their own. The perfect opportunity came as they backpacked through Southeast Asia for several months together.

"Traveling provides the perfect combination of inspiration and lots of downtime - it's great for songwriting," shares Paul. "Even though the songs mostly aren't about travelling itself, we found ourselves creatively energized by the constant movement and changes in our environment. It's amazing what you can think up when you are staring out a bus window for ten hours in the middle of Myanmar."

Drawing from relationships both past and present, Tizer Sun's music exposes raw sentiments about moving on through difficult times. Anger, sadness, and hope often intertwine.

"We don't always know where a song will take us when we start writing it," Victoria says. "Clarifying feelings about a person or situation is part of the writing process itself."

When it was time to record, Tizer Sun reunited with producer Kevin Hahn, owner of Opal Studio in Portland, Oregon, whom they met while recording on a previous project.

"Kevin understood our vision for the record and helped us create the sound we had been hearing in our heads from the beginning," Paul explains.

"As a vocalist, I really wanted a producer who is also an experienced singer, and Kevin is an incredible one," Victoria adds.

After adding old friend and drummer Logan White and veteran Portland keyboardist Brian Harris to the project, Tizer Sun sprang to life. An ambitious seven days of tracking followed, with Paul and Kevin sharing guitar duties, Paul covering the bass, and Victoria finishing off the session with vocals and harmonies.

Tizer Sun delivers a solid dose of introspective lyrics, heartfelt vocals, and infectious melodies in their debut EP, available now on streaming services worldwide.




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